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Publish – Young Scientists Journal
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Young Scientists Journal publishes articles written by 12-20 year olds on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and related topics.

Types of Article

Original Research
Original research is where you design, carry out, and write up an experiment or investigation, that hasn’t been done before, contributing to the sum of human knowledge and providing a starting point for potential industrial applications. This type of research looks best when applying to university, and is very exciting as it’s literally brand new.

Review Article
Review Articles are scientific reviews of existing literature that summarise the current state of understanding on a topic. A review article does not report new facts or analysis. Review Articles may also include other experiments and projects that you have conducted that are not brand new. This includes full referencing. An extended project is typically considered a Review Article.

Magazine Articles

Here you take a topic that you are really interested in, whether it’s the latest medical advancement or a history of dye  making for example, and research it: online, in books and in journals etc. and write a light article on it providing your own opinions, insights and slant. This is the sort of article you would find in a newspaper or magazine. They could also be viewed as long-form blogs.
These are shorter lighter articles (up to 1000 words) perhaps reflecting your opinion on something or giving a brief insight into a topic. These sorts of articles range from science news, humor, book reviews, an experience and so on.

What is required to submit?

  1. Your scientific (or related article) in word document format – with all figures inserted as high quality images and full references in the Chicago Style.
  2. A biography of you with 200-400 characters written in 3rd person and a photo of you.
  3. A short 120 character summary of your article
  4. Contact details of your school/organisation so we can inform them you are publishing an article and if necessary verify you are aged between 12-20

The guide for writing articles can be found here

The review rubric used by editors is also available here.

Overview of YSJournal’s article review system:


We aim to publish articles within 60-90 days of submission.

Ready to start submission?