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Meet the Team – Young Scientists Journal
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Meet the Team


Chief Editor

The Chief Editor oversees the whole journal and coordinates the efforts of the team leaders.

Name: Michael Hofmann, UK

Term: June 2016- June 2017


The journal is organised into several teams, each team has its own tasks and team members.

Editorial Team

The Editorial Team is responsible for overseeing the editing and publishing of articles led by the managing editor.

Managing Editor: Robert Saunt, UK

Team Members:

Executive Editors are responsible for assigning articles to editors for scientific review and ensuring that article quality is maintained.

Executive Life Sciences & Medicine Editor: Rahul Krishnaswamy

Executive Natural Sciences Editor: Muhammad Hamza Waseem

Executive Engineering & Technology Editor: Arona Jones

Executive Research Editor: Cormac Larkin

Blogs Manager: Eleanor Gibbon

The Senior Subject Editors are the point of contact for editorial queries relating to to their subject.

Senior Biology Editor: Jeffrey Park

Senior Chemistry Editor: Nicole Mitchell

Senior Physics Editor: Muhammad Hamza Waseem

Senior Engineering Editor: Tito Adesanya

Senior Environmental Editor: Marcus Thome

Senior Mathematics Editor: Aoife Kearins

Senior Technology Editor: Arona Jones

Senior Materials Science Editor: Paul Karavakin

Assistant Blogs Manager: Ellen Cartwright
Multimedia Manager: Kushaal Deshai
Editor-at-Large: Claire Nicholson


The production team develop and maintain both the digital and print aspects of the journal.

Head of Production: Stewart McGown

Team Members:

Digital Director: Syed Umer Hasan

Assistant Digital Director: Peter He

Creative Director: Josh Ascroft

Artistic Director: Ziying Liao

Artist: Julie Lu

User Experience Engineer: Chanon Olley

Events Manager: Laura Patterson

Team Members: Intesar Nur; Barnaby Colvin; Quratulain Zainab

Technical Consultant: Alex Choi

PR & Marketing

Head of PR & Marketing: Abbie Wilson

Team Members:

Digital Marketing Manager: Sophia Zahra

Communications Manager: Emily Howard

Head of Marketing USA: Shreyas Parab

Brand Manager: Martin Chu

Social Media Editors: Emily Howard, Sarah Bandy, Ziying Liao

Team Members: Annabelle McInroy


Head of Outreach: Sanjay Kubsad

Team Members:

Head of recruitment: Katy Addison

Hubs Manager: Sanjay Kubsad

Research in schools Manager: Sai Kotecha

Head of partnerships: Scarlett Li-Williams