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Join the Team – Young Scientists Journal
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Join the Team

Young Scientists Journal is written, edited and run exclusively by students aged 12-20. We have loads of opportunities from editing to design to web development. Applications are welcomed from students based anywhere in the world!

Young Scientists Journal Editors

How to apply

You should write a small application to the journal preferably no longer than 5000 characters in length and submitted to editor@archive.ysjournal.com. This application allows you to demonstrate your passion for science and related fields, skills, overall ambition and writing ability.

You should tell us which position you are applying for and a bit about yourself including the school you are at, your age, your ambitions and, if you are over 16, what you hope to do beyond school. Your application might also include:

* Why you want to join the journal and what you can  offer?

* What do I hope to get out of working on the journal?

* What relevant experience can I write about?

* What interests/hobbies do I have that are relevant?

If you are applying for an editorial position, do bear in mind that we will also be looking at how well written your application is!

You could also mention the subjects you are studying and a bit about your skills and, though not necessary, any noteworthy past experience you have had this could include any work experience, science clubs, articles written, hobby work you have done.

If we like your application we’ll then send you a short editorial test. This is to assess how good you are at spotting mistakes and consists of 5 sentences – if you’re then successful, we’ll set you up as an editor!

If you are an artist, designer, web developer etc. you are also more than welcome to submit a portfolio of your past work as a PDF or via Behance.

Please be aware that virtually all of our editors are sitting important exams this summer so it might take longer than usual to reply. If you’ve not received a reply in 7 days then please resend your email and we’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP!


Hub Logo

Hubs are local hotspots of the journal in secondary schools, universities, institutions and other organizations around the world. Teams of students come together to work on the journal, promoting the values of the organization and helping in all aspects of the journal.

Order a free journal introduction pack to find out more about hubs and the journal.

Ready to become a hub? Contact our Co-Founder and mentor Christina Astin


Senior Team

A team of 4-5 senior team members work with the student Chief Editor to run the four teams of the journal: Editorial, Production, PR & Marketing and Outreach.  Applications for senior positions are now open head to: www.archive.ysjournal.com/2016-17-senior-team to find out more and apply.


The journal relies on students to volunteer as editors, preferably for a minimum period of a year, alongside their school work.  The benefits can be enormous – reading others’ work, learning how to review and edit, checking for suitability of language and plagiarism, and being part of a global network of young scientists.

The editorial team consists of 25+ editors from around the world.  Editors select an article relevant to their scientific interests from those submitted on the website, and correct articles for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style and scientific content. Any major changes to an article needs to be approved by the author. Editors are expected to edit one article per month, or more.

We are continuously accepting new applications for the editor roles, contact us editor@archive.ysjournal.com

Web Developers

We are always seeing to grow our web development team, you will need basic experience in:

  • Html & CSS
  • SEO

Other experience with Java, Responsive Design, WordPress are also desirable

Ideally this would be a student in our usual 12-20 age range, but we would be interested in university students or others who might be older, as a voluntary contribution to the running of the journal.


The journal would be interested to hear from anyone with skills on making short animated movies to use on the website for promotional purposes.

Designers, Artists

If you are a budding artist or designer, then the journal is a great place for you. We need designers and artists to produce our promotional material and also our print issues. Young Scientists Journal is a great way to build up your portfolio of work and gives you global exposure.

We request that you have a basic familiarity with Photoshop as a minimum.

Familiarity with InDesign and Illustrator are also desirable


If you have written an article for submission, see submit an article.  We have no deadlines for submission – articles are published as soon as they have been through the review and editing process.


We have a small number of dedicated bloggers on the website.  If you have a keen interest in this aspect of science communication please let us know by sending us a sample of your writing.

We may invite guest bloggers to contribute from time to time.

We are considering setting up a Research Blog for school students who are engaged in research at their schools.

You can find out more about why you should join our global Young Scientists Journal team and what’s involved here

Working on YSJournal may give you the opportunity to earn a CREST award.

The Young Scientists Journal has teamed up with the British Science Association to encourage YSJ contributors to work towards a CREST Award based on their work.

What is CREST?

CREST is Britain’s largest national award scheme for project work in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Established over 23 years ago, last year over 25,000 young people achieve a CREST Award.

How does the Young Scientists Journal fit with CREST?

There are two main ways that you can use your Young Scientists work towards a CREST award:

  1. CREST is all about independent project work. If you are doing your own research that you want to get published in the YSJ, then you could apply for a CREST award. Your written article for the YSJ could count as the communication element of your award. The level of award you apply for will depend on the depth of study, the number of hours you spend on the project and whether you work with a mentor. For more information on the awards and how to apply, click here
  2. YSJ has various project roles that can be undertaken each year. Some of them are long term roles, and some are shorter projects. You could use your project role as the basis for a science communication CREST. For more information on current projects, please contact the Chief Editor at editor@archive.ysjournal.com

Why do CREST Awards?

  • It’s a way of having work accredited nationally – a CREST Award is a tangible, significant achievement.
  • It provides evidence of problem-solving skills, which is looked on favourably by universities and employers
  • It’s a great thing to mention in University applications
  • You could present projects at Regional Big Bang Fair, providing the opportunity to win numerous prizes!

Other general guidance on possible project ideas can be found on the CREST webpages at www.britishscienceassociation.org/crest We look forward to hearing about how your projects go.

All of these posts could be developed and, if taken on for a certain period of time, could lead to a CREST award.