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Conference 2014 – Young Scientists Journal
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Conference 2014

Science & Communication Conference, 26 March 2014

What people said about the 2014 Conference:

“The choice and quality of the speakers and workshop leaders was fun and stimulating”
“Sir Harry Kroto was especially inspiring, I really enjoyed Mike Marshall’s quips”
“The poster presentations were interesting and educational”

Conference 2014: Speakers & Workshops

Professor Sir Harry Kroto
(Keynote speaker)
Professor of Chemistry at
Florida State University

School Room



The Goo-You-Wiki-World revolution and GEOSET– sharing science videos across the world. Find out more

Professor Averil

University of Reading

ChemLab 3



How to understand your audience in order to make an impact. Find out more

Stefan Janucz, Emilie
Aime, Ruth Milne &
Raminder Shergill

Royal Society Publishing

PhysLab 5



How scientific journals are adapting to change, including the role of online publishing. Find out more

Joanne Manaster
University of Illinois, USA;
prolific science blogger

Computer Room 2



Social media is more than finding out what celebrities had for lunch! Discover how to
share your passion for science on social media for a broader reach. Find out more

Kate Bellingham
TV Presenter

BioLab 5



Media coverage of scientific research. Find out more

Michael Marshall
Environmental journalist,
New Scientist

Mint Yard 3



A practical master class in writing for a popular science journal. Find out more

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Poster Projects – Titles

Delegates were invited to bring posters showing some science research they had done.  These were displayed in the Pupil Social Centre and were on view before the conference, during the tea break and after the final plenary session.  Two prizes of £250 were awarded to the two best projects (generously donated by the Butrous Foundation): Pratap Singh (Perse School) and Sampath Sambavi (Annamalai University School, Chennai) and these winners presented their research at the end of the conference. All the presentations were filmed; see the videos here.




Pratap Singh

The Perse School, Cambridge

Cosmic-Ray muon detection: can we verify Special Relativity in the school lab?

Tamsin McKinnon

Highgate School, London

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) – a technique used to amplify targeted sections of DNA

Aisling Clube, Olivia Wollaston and Intie Howell

Benenden School, Kent

Influenza: will YOU survive?

Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin

Chetham’s School, Manchester

Does the choosiness gene evolve in mate-copying males?

Claire Nicholson

Bishops Stortford School, Essex

The Effect of Acid Rain on sealife.

Sampath Sambavi

Annamalai University School, Chennai, India

Effect of iron nanoparticles on bioelectricity generation in a microbial fuel cell.

Rahul Sadhwani & Alexandra Ham

The King’s School, Canterbury

Oscillating Reactions and Antioxidants in Fruit Juices

Tireni Atoyebi, Helen Woodward & Alisha Sadhwani

The King’s School, Canterbury

The Doppler Effect

Rosalyn Suen, Kanapath Oungpasuk & Dawn Lau

The King’s School, Canterbury

Environmental chemistry research – testing lake water

Madeleine Mills, Dena Movahedyan & Elizabeth Hale

The King’s School, Canterbury

Tea: preferences and health benefits

George Edwards

The King’s School, Canterbury

Gas-Sense: How much gas in in a Gas Bottle?

Hal Evans

The King’s School, Canterbury

The Changing Shapes of Engineering

Maddy Irwin & Honoury Cheung

The King’s School, Canterbury

Cloud Seeding using Silver Iodide

Kashvi Shah

The King’s School, Canterbury

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Laura Chimdi Ota

The King’s School, Canterbury

Should Fluorine be put in our water?

Maria Constantinescu

The King’s School, Canterbury

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