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Is it more important to understand the mind or the brain?


  Here, we are faced with the fixed, biological complexity of the brain and the intricate concept, which is open to vast influential change, of one’s mind. The question proposes the task of whether the understanding of the brain or that of the mind holds more significance. However, what this discussion essentially requires is the […]

How do recreational drugs work in the brain?

The brain is the most complicated organ in the human body and is integral to human life. It is made up of a network of billions of brain cells, called neurones, which communicate with each other by sending and receiving electrical signals or chemical neurotransmitters. These chemicals attach to receptors on the receiving neurone which […]

The Brain Observatory

Until about 40 years ago it was only possible to study the workings of the brain of a living individual by their outward appearance and proposed symptoms. In 1977 the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner was developed and has since revolutionised the way in which we can investigate the anatomy and structure of the brain […]