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How Can the Problem of Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Be Resolved?

It is widely accepted that carbon dioxide levels are rising. Past this point, there remains a series of heated arguments as to the effects of the rise and what steps we can, and should, be taking. In addressing these questions, it is necessary to consider both sides of the climate change debate, particularly the extent of our influence and the possible effects for us. The debate is often influenced by political, economic and even emotive factors, sometimes to the detriment of rationality. Firstly, this essay will argue that this problem is of such significance that it is essential to focus on the numbers, scientific evidence and data, not politics or emotion. The topic is broad, so the following analysis will focus primarily on the carbon neutral energy that must be the foundation of any possible future solutions in the UK.

To infinity and beyond!!

A trip into space can be yours for $250,000 USD. It may sound a little science fiction, but it’s soon to become science fact. Over 700 astronauts have already booked their place on board Virgin’s next project: Virgin Galactic – furthering the space frontier. Once you’re confirmed you become one of the selected few to […]

The Day the Earth Smiled

In this rare image taken on July 19, 2013, the camera onboard NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has captured Saturn’s rings, Earth  and its moon in the same picture. The image that’s shown here is only one part of 33 other images the Cassini probe has taken. In this image the Earth is 898 million miles away. […]

IOP Student Science Publication Award

The IOP student science publication award will be launched in 2014 and will reward student journalists who produce a regular science publication, such as a newspaper or magazine, either in print or online. The award will be presented to the editor of a specific publication but will recognise all contributors to it. President of the […]

‘Wired’ Competition

WIRED UK is launching a competition for school children aged 12-16 years old to win two tickets to WIRED 2013: Next Generation which is a one day event taking place in London on 19th October 2013 which will bring together innovators from the worlds of technology, science, the arts, and business to inspire, to educate […]

Water Droplet

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Kyle Meadows This is a new type of photography to me. I found it fascinating to freeze action and see the result of drops of liquid hitting another liquid. I had looked at many slow motion videos of this, yet i wanted to try photographing it. The purpose of […]

A Goal

Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: Izzy England It must have taken a lot of work to get up there. I watch as a encouraging grandfather stands below shouting out different holds in the rock. I know this boy can do it. At the tender age of eight every muscle in his body is working to […]


Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: Izzy Harris The theme ‘energy’ gave me lots of ideas, and as a keen photographer, I was excited at the prospect of trying to present this theme in an interesting way. Fire was believed to be an element by the ancient greeks and is still associated with energy in modern […]

Lightning at Night

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Stephen Smith This photo was taken along with several others during a lightning storm that happened almost two years ago, I went outside with my camera, mounted it on a tripod, and set it to take a photo every second or so. Lightning is caused by the buildup of […]

Light from a Gherkin

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Adam Shortall I took this photo purely to show off how the sunlight had reflected off of the Gherkin, London. The image is in no way edited other than a few contrasts and brightness tweaks. When I was at the scene I consciously took the photo in black and […]

The Unique Purple of Chemistry

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Gwen Lam Oxidation of finely dispersed aluminium with iodine can be initiated using drops of water. The reaction is strongly exothermis, producing a lot of heat energy. The excess iodine vaporises, forming a deep violet vapour. The reaction is : 2Al(s) +3I2(s) –> Al2I6(s) Anhydrous aluminium halides, such as […]

Dancing Light

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Emilie de Bree This is a picture of a spinning disco ball taken in a dark room, which is really emphasising the movement of light. It shows a mixture of light energy, kinetic energy, electrical energy, and also a bit of sound and heat energy, though those aren’t as […]

Sun Halo

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Kiran Thapa Whilst on vacation abroad, I was able to capture this ephemeral moment. What is pictured, is known as a sun halo, which is an optical phenomenon. It forms as sunlight is refracted through cirrostratus clouds, which are mainly composed of small ice crystals. It is the small […]

Light Show

Theme: The Result of Science Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Sarah Cannavino On CSI one day, there was a scene where there was a great chemical reaction, which inspired this picture. During the episode, the power was out from a bad storm and in the lab there were no windows and no lights either. They needed […]

60 second science

For this competition you have to create a 60 second video for one of the various categories of science (you can enter multiple videos if you want). The videos have to both explain and show an aspect of science, rather than just show a phenomena. For more detail on the rules visit http://www.60secondscience.net/the-details/the-rules. This competition […]

Science Photography Competition

YSJ Photography prize 2012 – PRESS RELEASE –   The Young Scientists Journal is pleased to announce the launch of its science photography competition this February. Students aged 18 and under, from anywhere in the world, are invited to submit their photos in the following categories. Energy – (open to all ages) Camouflage – (under […]


Call for Entries! Grades 6-12 students compete for the chance to win $2000 (first prize) and a travel stipend to Washington DC to attend the festival. The winners are also honored in an awards ceremony, hosted by Bill Nye, as part of the festival. Our central theme, or driving question, is  how to “Save the […]

YSJournal Photography Competition 2012

To Submit your entry, Click the link at the bottom of this page. Before entering, it is advisable to read the competition rules (below). Also it is necessary to create an account before submitting. After creating the account, to make a password, just click edit for your account and the password entry lines will appear. […]

RCSU Science Challenge – essay prize

Launch event at Imperial College on 17 Jan 2012, featuring Lord Robert Winston, Pallab Ghosh, Mark Henderson. 4 essay titles will be announced at the launch, plus deadline and prizes. Final to be held on 22 Mar 2012 at the House of Lords. All winning entries in the 12-20 age range to be published in YOUNG […]

Langton Faulkes Blog

Welcome to the Langton Faulkes group. A group dedicated to observing objects of interest. We book sessions to observe from both Hawaii and Australia. Both telescopes are 2 m (79 in) Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes. The Australian telescope is located at siding spring obeservatry on Siding Spring Moutain 1165 metres up. About 300 miles north of Sydney. The Hawaii […]

A workshop on science writing…?

This idea came from a student at King’s Canterbury.  Could Young Scientists Journal organise a workshop on science writing open to young people to attend? Science students need to be able to write cogently, express their ideas clearly and accurately, whether they are reporting their own work or, as journalists, the work of others.  I’d […]

Big Bang Science Fair

Last Thursday, 10th March, 150 pupils from King’s Canterbury visited the Big Bang science fair at ExCel in London.  I was already there (after a less-than-comfortable night in a local hotel) judging the Intermediate Science and Maths entries to the National Science and Engineering Competition whose finals were part of the event. I also used […]

New Profile of Muna Oli, Young Scientists Journal

Muna Oli, Young Scientist Published: 24 Feb 2011, by: Julie Garrett When Muna Oli was 13, she accompanied her parents, wildlife ecologist Madan Oli and microbiologist Monika Oli, on a five-week trip to her father’s home village in Nepal. Not only did she bond with extended family, she also saw firsthand the suffering caused by extreme […]