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NASA’s Exoplanet Discovery – Trappist-1

Trappist 1

Seven earth-sized planets have been discovered recently by NASA, in the constellation of Aquarius. The exoplanet (a planet that orbits a star other than our Sun) system is called TRAPPIST-1, which stands for The Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope. The tiny, dim star the planets are orbiting is only about 40 light-years (235 trillion […]

New Scientist Live 2016

At the end of September, I was able to visit New Scientist Live – one of the biggest science events in the UK, aimed at enthusiasts of all ages. Being a regular reader of their weekly magazine, I was instantly excited about going in person. The list of talks on the website (here) blew my mind: […]

Is it more important to understand the mind or the brain?


  Here, we are faced with the fixed, biological complexity of the brain and the intricate concept, which is open to vast influential change, of one’s mind. The question proposes the task of whether the understanding of the brain or that of the mind holds more significance. However, what this discussion essentially requires is the […]

Lunar Mission One – An Introduction


“Lunar Mission One is the most inspirational Moon project since the Apollo landings. Funded by the public it will perform world-leading science into the origin of the Moon and the planets, and it will leave a permanent archive of human life buried at the Moon’s south pole.” (lunarmissionone.com) Up until now, space exploration has been […]

The Butrous Foundation Science prizes of 2015


The Butrous Foundation Science prizes of 2015 awarded to Michael Hofmann (right) and Edward Vinson( left) with their parents and Prof G Butrous Ms  Christina Astin

Sex lowers cancer risk


Canadian scientists have found from the surveys of over 3200 men, that men who had sex with more than twenty women—in comparison to just one over their lifetime– had a 28% lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Furthermore, those who said they’d never had sex before, were twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate […]

Sliding Spring Speeds past Mars


The comet Sliding Spring whizzed past the Red Planet last week at a speed of over 203,000 km/h, coming as close as 140,000 km—a proximity that is not only very rare for comets, but never before seen for Mars. Not only has this allowed NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to take some extraordinary composite images for us […]

Glowing Ice Cream


I’ll have one vanilla, one chocolate and one bioluminescent in a cone, please. You’re puzzled? So am I. Charlie Francis, an ice cream entrepreneur, has gone almost as far as Willy Wonka with this glowing ice cream. The protein that gives jellyfish their bioluminescence was the inspiration for this product, and now, after much time […]

Fire Ant Fabric


50% Cotton, 40% Polyester, 10% Fire ant? Could fire ants be the new fabric on the market? Though probably not in the close future, their extraordinary traits are helping scientists come up with new materials. While a single fire ant is not that remarkable, when hundreds, or even thousands, of them act together in emergencies, […]

Our Battle Against Bacteria

For ages now we’ve been battling an increasing problem – all caused by antibiotics. Antibiotics have dated all the way back to 1928 after Alexander Fleming; a bacteriologist discovered penicillin at London’s St Mary’s Hospital. Since then, such a small idea has grown and blossomed into the antibiotics we know today and has saved over […]

Is Altitude Training the best way to legally improve sporting performance?

Please follow the link below to view my Biology AS Coursework looking at the effectiveness of Altitude training on Elite Performers. Also explores the effectiveness of Performance Enhancing Energy Drinks and Ice Baths as a recovery method. Is altitude training the best way to legally improve sporting performance?

Neanderthals liked their veg


50,000-year-old fossilised feces have given evidence that the Neanderthals’ diets may have some presence in plants.As study at El Salt showed that all fecal samples found at an archaeological site in Alicante, Spain, which the Neanderthals occupied between 60,000 and 45,000 years ago, indicated that the Neanderthals ate animals.This was ascertained through the presence of the lipid coprostanol, […]

Tomatoes combat cancer

Tomatoes and other lycopene-containing fruit and vegetables have been shown to lower the risk of renal cancer in women. The study looked at over 90,000 women throughout the last 20 years, where the amounts of different vitamins and nutrients were estimated from the data provided in the questionnaires on their diets and supplement use. Throughout […]

Robotic Whiskers


A team of scientists at the University of California have taken inspiration from cat whiskers in order to develop extremely responsive sensors that could one day help robots to “sense” their surroundings. These ‘whiskers’ are constructed through painting a thin layer of electrically-conductive carbon nanotubes and silver particles onto strands of silicon. The carbon nanotubes […]

Antibiotic Resistance now a Global Epidemic


Resistance to antibiotics by bacteria, otherwise known as superbugs, is widespread around the world and is now posing a ‘major global threat’ according to a new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The report was the first global review of antibiotic resistance and involved asking member states to report any resistance of any of […]

UK plagued by record breaking pollution levels


Thursday and Friday saw a huge elevation in pollution levels across Britain. in particular the South East. With the pollution levels now falling, what could be done to solve the problem? Why did we have so much pollution? The picture (left) shows the pollution levels in Central London on Thursday, it got so bad that […]

The Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Begin…


Amidst the criticism and disputes, the Paralympic opening ceremony is underway in Sochi. Unaware to a lot of people the IPC (The International Paralympic Committee)contribute a lot to science and here’s why: Countless sports for people with impairment have changed drastically over the last few years with public awareness ever increasing. London 2012 also left […]

‘Biggest Meteorite’ hits the Moon…

I took this picture on the 11th March using a bridge camera.

Scientists in Spain say they have observed a record-breaking impact on the Moon. They spotted a meteorite with about the mass of half a tonne crashing into the lunar surface last September. The collision, they say, would have generated a flash of light so bright that it would have been easily visible from Earth. The […]

Scientists will start counting whales from space


Scientists have demonstrated a new method for counting whales from space. The new method uses a very high-resolution satellite cameras and image processing software to automatically detect these mammals at or near the surface of the ocean. A test run of this software was reported in the journal Plos One and was conducted just off […]

Magnetically Controlled Rods for Children with Scoliosis


Today it has been announced that children with curved spines could soon be treated with remote-controlled rods. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recommended to the NHS that it funds the treatment for children with scoliosis (curvature of the spine). These extendable titanium rods would be attached to the ribs or spine […]

How to land a probe on a comet…


The ESA (European Space Agency) has revealed exactly how it’s planning on landing the Rosetta Probe on the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. After a ten year journey through space the Rosetta Probe will reach the comet in August 2014. Since the probe’s launch in 2004, the probe has circled the Sun five times. The coldest, loneliest leg […]

The ISS will run at least until 2024


NASA has won the White House backing to extend the life of the International Space Station for four more years, until 2024. Construction of the ISS began 15 years ago in 1998 and is a joint venture between the US, Russia, Japan, Canada and the European Space Agency (ESA). The ISS has commitments running until […]

Pulsars could start to question Einstein’s Theories


Scientists have found a pulsar with two white dwarfs, which are all packed in a space smaller than the Earth’s orbit of the Sun. These unusually close orbits allow the most precise measurements that have ever been able to have been obtained about gravity. This will hopefully allow scientists to resolve some difficulties with Einstein’s […]

The Year of 2013 in Science


2013 was the year in which an billion year old object from the cosmos shot through or atmosphere, whilst another from Earth hurtled into the uncharted territory of interstellar space and beyond. Early in the year, on the 15th February, stargazers were gearing up for the flyby of a unusually large asteroid. However on the […]

Honour for Met Office Chief and other UK leading Scientists


The UK Met Office’s chief scientist, Julia Slingo, has become a Dame in the New Year Honours List. Professor Slingo was recognised in the Honours list for her services to weather and climate science. Professor Greg Whyte, a sports scientist who has coached celebrities such as David Walliams and Eddie Izzard for Sport Relief endeavours […]