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Science Bites

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For a few months now, I’ve been working on my eBook – Science Bites. Tomorrow it reaches the Amazon Kindle Store for £1.51. The idea behind the eBook was to make science fun and interesting – by using small, manageable pieces of information.  The eBook is about 180 pages long and covers topics from life […]

The Human Nose Can Detect 1 Trillion Odours


According to a recent study in the US, the human nose can detect one trillion different smells, far more than we first thought.  A long held belief was that we can sniff about 10,000 smells. This new estimate has been published in “Science” and suggests that the human nose actually outperforms the nose and ears, […]

Purple GM Tomatoes heading for the shops


The prospect of genetically modified tomatoes reaching the shelves has become a step closer. The dark pigment in these tomatoes are hoped to bring the same potential health benefits as fruits like blueberries. To many people’s surprise they are actually developed in Britain and large-scale production is under way in Canada. The first 1,200 litres […]