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KrtinN – Young Scientists Journal
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Author Profile

Kritin Nithiyanandam

Krtin Nithiyanandam (16) lives in Surrey. In September, he will be going into Year 12 at Sutton Grammar School. He loves playing squash, playing the piano and science. His interest in the medical world began when he underwent a number of operations when he was younger - he was fascinated by the breakthrough science and technology used in medicine and by how specific drugs work inside our bodies. Krtin’s work involved the synthesis of a special antibody-conjugated nanoparticle which could be used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease before the first symptoms appear, and even potentially treat the disease. In the future, he would love to study medicine as this would allow him to learn about current drugs and help people at the same time. He hopes to also become a medical researcher at some point in his life because he wants to help develop new drugs and discover new things that could benefit mankind. He was greatly inspired to pursue a career in medicine and science by his Year 9 biology teacher, Mr Storey.

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