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Cormac Larkin – Young Scientists Journal
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Author Profile

Cormac Larkin

Institution: Armagh Observatory

Department: Stellar Astrophysics Research Group

City: Cork

Country: Ireland

I'm an 18 year old future astrophysicist (I hope) who has completed placements in the University of St Andrews and University College Cork. I am currently a Visiting Research Student with Armagh Observatory, working on the characterisation of massive OB stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud. In St Andrews I worked on transit and radial velocity detection methods for extra-solar planets and also on the MaNGA galactic photometric survey. In University College Cork I spent a summer internship studying low mass X-ray binary systems using the Faulkes Telescope Network. I am in 5th year and studying for my Leaving Certificate, which I will sit in two years time. I'm studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, German, English and Gaeilge (Irish Language). I live in Cork in the south of Ireland and when not taking up space in the lab, I like to watch Mock the Week, University Challenge and play American Football.

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