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Info for teachers and other facilitators

Hi – thanks for visiting! I’m very proud of the work that our team at King’s has achieved, amid all their schoolwork, since starting with an idea in January 06. However, we feel we are only just at the beginning of something which could grow and grow and would love to tap into a wider source of pupil participation. We hope that we will inspire pupils elsewhere in the UK and beyond, to contribute. If you have pupils in your school, or contacts with schools, who would like to get involved in our project and would like to know more, please email me at cma@kings-school.co.uk. Email me too if you would like to get involved yourself as an advisory editor by helping the pupil editors with the science content of the articles. The project is supported by the Butrous Foundation and we hope that if we can widen participation across different schools and even different countries we might, with the Foundation’s help, be able to stage a Young Scientists conference in Canterbury in a couple of years’ time. If you are in a position to help promote this sort of science communication among young people please contact the Butrous Foundation, which is looking to appoint some senior fellows for this role. We owe much thanks to Ghazwan Butrous for his initial idea, his on-going suggestions and future support.

Christina Astin, Chief Advisory Editor


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