Dancing Light

· Other, Photo Competition

Theme: Energy
Award: Highly Commended
Photographer: Emilie de Bree
This is a picture of a spinning disco ball taken in a dark room, which is really emphasising the movement of light. It shows a mixture of light energy, kinetic energy, electrical energy, and also a bit of sound and heat energy, though those aren’t as apparent in this picture; the disco ball did heat up and make a noise as it spun. Though I didn’t really like the electrical wire in the photo, it does show that sometimes there has to be an electrical energy input for the other forms of energy to occur. I love the trails of light that have been left behind, as it shows the passing of time and lets us know that the ball was in fact moving; which we can work out by just looking at the light trails. I am proud of this picture as I was able to create it using only my camera, which shows the wonders that are cameras these days, meaning that I didn’t have to edit this picture at all.

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